West Virginia Powerlifting Association


This relatively new organization in Powerlifting is really a combination of the “Old” and the “New”.

The Old being the group of Lifters Coaches and Referees answering the call to improve the quality of present day West Virginia Powerlifting Meets. West Virginia has a long and storied presence in Powerliting History. In Today’s WV there has been, sadly, a lack of focus on our most precious resource, the High School Age Powerlifting Competitor. Powerlifting Organizations administered from outside of WV were not demonstrating the enthusiasm and expertise necessary for High Quality Powerlifting Meets that West Virginia High School athletes deserved.

In 2023 the WVPA was formed to specifically answer this need, thus qualifying as the “New”.. A group of Multi-State-National and International Competitors-Administrators and Referees living in West Virginia decided to act.

This year marks the Second State Championship for HS Athletes that the WVPA has facilitated. Quite frankly both Meets went very well. In large part due to the extensive experience of the meet Directors and Referees with a solid knowledge of the Rule sets and having significant experience at high level competitions when the “pressure is on”. This success has galvanized the WVPA to contemplate expanding further in to running other Age Group Meets in our State.

To re-iterate, the emphasis is on “Having Fun” at the meet and ditching the drama.

When the Ref’s and Admin Table folks are confident and knowledgeable in their task…things go a lot smoother for the Lifters and the Spectators.

The WVPA is currently planning more events for the Mountaineer State while taking a slow measured approach in order to maintain High Quality events. We are looking for Volunteers and Sponsors as well as Venues for 2024-2025.

Those interested in participating in West Virginia Strength events are encouraged to respond to this page of our website-  Contact Us




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