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Note Regarding WV State Records

Record Archive below is no longer updated.

Archive will continue to be displayed for historical purposes.

Men's SENIOR (Open)

Men's SENIOR (Open) RAW

WV Submaster's

Men's 40-49

Men's 50 - 59

Mens 60-69

Mens 70 -79

Women's SENIOR (Open)

Women's Master's

Women's S/L Bench RAW (All classes)

Womens's S/L Deadlift (All classes)

Law and Fire

Single Lift Bench All Divisions

Men's RAW S/L Bench All Divisions

Single Lift Deadlift All Divisions

Mens RAW S/L Deadlift (All Classes)

Records Archive

Men's Novice

High School

Men's Collegiate

Men's Teenage

Women's Teenage

Women's Collegiate

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