Training Log 1: Bench Press

Today was bench day. In addition to working bench press and my pecs, I like to hit my entire upper body. I don’t always hit every muscle group, but I generally try to work back and bis. If my shoulders aren’t burned out from benching, I will do some sort of pressing movement. I usually like to do some rear delt work as well. Triceps are almost always mandatory unless my elbows are bothering me. I believe hitting the triceps hard is one of the best ways to increase the bench press. Especially for someone like me that uses a moderate to slightly narrow grip.

So today I did 4 sets of 7 with my competition grip. Felt pretty good. Was tough but I didn’t have any real grinders.

After that I followed up with 3 sets of close grip bench press. I went light today and did 12-15 reps. My triceps were so damn pumped, felt so good.

My right shoulder has been bothering me a little the past week, so I decided to skip any direct shoulder work. I probably should have taken it a little easy on bench to be honest. Oh well.

Next I did some super wide grip rows. Rowed it up to around my nipples to focus more on my rear delts. Can’t go as heavy on these. I treat them like any rear delt exercise and do high reps. I’m hoping the work I put in here will improve my shoulder health.

Hammer curls were next. These are a favorite of mine. They have done wonders for my forearms, especially my brachioradialis, which I think is important for “looking big”. I like to start out with high reps on these and work my way down the rack of dumbbells, going heavier with each set until I reach 6-8 reps on my last set. I did 4 sets in total.

That was my workout for the day. Tomorrow is my squat day. Legs are still a little sore from the last workout but I think it should be mostly gone by tomorrow.

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