The Purpose of This Website

Hello and welcome to my powerlifting site. I have recently gotten into powerlifting and figured a website would be a cool way to track my progress and journey. My name is Weston and I am 27 years old. I have lifted off and on since I was a teenager. Never really got serious about it or cared much until recently.

A few months ago after watching some videos on YouTube I became very interested in strength training. I started off watching general feats of strength and then found out about strongman. I watched these gigantic guys pulling trucks and airplanes with a rope and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Then I progressed to watching world record bench presses, deadlifts, etc. That caught my eye, especially the bench press. I’ve always loved the bench press (what guy doesn’t), and have always been a pretty strong bencher, in my humble opinion. But squatting and deadlifting were two lifts that I never really did much of.

After learning the technique and working the lifts into my routine for a few weeks, I started to see some strength gains. And from that point on I was pretty much hooked.

My lifts right now are what I consider to be low for a powerlifter, but they are probably considered good to the average gym goer. I am hoping to compete in a local competition this fall. I am a bit intimidated but from what I have heard, the powerlifting community is very supportive and kind. I have seen this browsing powerlifting blogs and forums, most notably, the powerlifting subreddit on Tons of nice and helpful folks I have conversed with as I have started my journey in powerlifting.

I plan on keeping logs of my training on this website, and giving updates on my progress. I’ll probably share my thoughts, feelings and whatever is on my mind too. Hopefully I can share some knowledge that someone finds useful.

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