Charleston's Vince White 1975 - 2nd Annual "Mountaineer Open"  Bench Press Championships at the Parkersburg YMCA.

     The guy seated with glasses is Jeff Cook, the WVU fellow is Steve Cvecho, the fellow with the beard looking over his shoulder is Jeff Furr of Charleston
....and in this rare photo...notice Roger Estep!  Seated in the judges chair is "Paul Sutphin" and the lifter...Vince White.
  The first 2 years that the Mountaineer Open was held, it was a Bench Press event only. 

Vince White 395 at 220

"Courtesy of Paul Sutphin"

The Great 198 Roger Estep.


Roger & George Frenn

Roger went to the original "Westside" in LA to train with George Frenn.....This is how "Westside Principles" came to West Virginia



Roger Estep WV "Open" 198 record Holder

Squat : 769 1978

BenchPress :  490 (No shirt) 1978

Total : 1940  1978

Mary Jeffrey- Greatest Female Powerlifter Pound for Pound!


Mary was a natural Bodybuilder

Legendary Luke Iams from New Martinsville

The Pocket Hercules..Chuck Dunbar!

Great Masterlifter Ernie Nagle...note the hirsute Nick Busick!

Brian Siders at the Cup...WV Born and bred talent !!




WV State Record Holder Bill Rectenwald spotting Ed Coan

Ed trained here in WV at Dave Jeffrey's gym. Ed learned a lot from DJ.

This is why Bill Rechtenwald spots 1000+  Squats !!


Powerlifting Legend Nick "The Bully" Busick....Showman extraordinaire!

.........Thank You Nick for the unforgettable Mountaineer Cup !


Courtney Stanley - WV Master USPF and WPF Executive Committee Member

Courtney Stanley at Worlds in 2009 walking out a WR 600.1 squat at 64

Courtney Stanley 2009 Worlds 



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