Why Isn’t Powerlifting More Popular?

Most people aren’t even aware that powerlifting exists. When people think of competitive lifting, they automatically think weightlifting, but probably don’t even know what that is either. Powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, and strongman all get grouped under the term weightlifting. People just aren’t exposed to each individual sport enough to know, or even realize that there is a difference.

Out of the four types of lifting competitions I listed, powerlifting is arguably the least entertaining to watch. Strongman gets more attention because people would rather watch someone pull an airplane. Weightlifting and crossfit are fun to watch because the lifts are fast and explosive.

Powerlifting is not fun to watch. I am pretty sure most powerlifters would agree with that statement. So I don’t know if I even need to continue writing.

Squat, bench, and deadlift are not exciting lifts to watch unless the person doing so is lifting upwards of a thousand pounds.

Do you know how long powerlifting competitions last? All flipping day. A gym buddy of mine was at a meet for 16 hours. Yes that’s sixteen hours. Granted this included getting there early and staying for awards, meets usually don’t last that long. But seriously 16 fucking hours? Even a quarter of that time is too long for a spectator to sit there and watch.

So the only way powerlifting is going to get more popular is if there are more powerlifters competing, or if it becomes an olympic sport.

The chances of it becoming an olympic sport are very small. Aside from people not enjoying watching it, and the amount of time a competition lasts, there are just too many variables that the powerlifting community can’t agree on. Monolifts, single ply, multiply, raw, classic raw, judging, drugs, knee sleeves, knee wraps, weight classes. And for it to be an olympic sport, there has to be a discernable governing body. How is that ever going to happen with all the federations that exist? UPA, USPA, NASA, USPLA, SPF, etc, etc..

I think eventually it could become an olympic sport, but there needs to be a lot of changes before that can happen.

Training Log 1: Bench Press

Today was bench day. In addition to working bench press and my pecs, I like to hit my entire upper body. I don’t always hit every muscle group, but I generally try to work back and bis. If my shoulders aren’t burned out from benching, I will do some sort of pressing movement. I usually like to do some rear delt work as well. Triceps are almost always mandatory unless my elbows are bothering me. I believe hitting the triceps hard is one of the best ways to increase the bench press. Especially for someone like me that uses a moderate to slightly narrow grip.

So today I did 4 sets of 7 with my competition grip. Felt pretty good. Was tough but I didn’t have any real grinders.

After that I followed up with 3 sets of close grip bench press. I went light today and did 12-15 reps. My triceps were so damn pumped, felt so good.

My right shoulder has been bothering me a little the past week, so I decided to skip any direct shoulder work. I probably should have taken it a little easy on bench to be honest. Oh well.

Next I did some super wide grip rows. Rowed it up to around my nipples to focus more on my rear delts. Can’t go as heavy on these. I treat them like any rear delt exercise and do high reps. I’m hoping the work I put in here will improve my shoulder health.

Hammer curls were next. These are a favorite of mine. They have done wonders for my forearms, especially my brachioradialis, which I think is important for “looking big”. I like to start out with high reps on these and work my way down the rack of dumbbells, going heavier with each set until I reach 6-8 reps on my last set. I did 4 sets in total.

That was my workout for the day. Tomorrow is my squat day. Legs are still a little sore from the last workout but I think it should be mostly gone by tomorrow.

The Purpose of This Website

Hello and welcome to my powerlifting site. I have recently gotten into powerlifting and figured a website would be a cool way to track my progress and journey. My name is Weston and I am 27 years old. I have lifted off and on since I was a teenager. Never really got serious about it or cared much until recently.

A few months ago after watching some videos on YouTube I became very interested in strength training. I started off watching general feats of strength and then found out about strongman. I watched these gigantic guys pulling trucks and airplanes with a rope and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Then I progressed to watching world record bench presses, deadlifts, etc. That caught my eye, especially the bench press. I’ve always loved the bench press (what guy doesn’t), and have always been a pretty strong bencher, in my humble opinion. But squatting and deadlifting were two lifts that I never really did much of.

After learning the technique and working the lifts into my routine for a few weeks, I started to see some strength gains. And from that point on I was pretty much hooked.

My lifts right now are what I consider to be low for a powerlifter, but they are probably considered good to the average gym goer. I am hoping to compete in a local competition this fall. I am a bit intimidated but from what I have heard, the powerlifting community is very supportive and kind. I have seen this browsing powerlifting blogs and forums, most notably, the powerlifting subreddit on reddit.com. Tons of nice and helpful folks I have conversed with as I have started my journey in powerlifting.

I plan on keeping logs of my training on this website, and giving updates on my progress. I’ll probably share my thoughts, feelings and whatever is on my mind too. Hopefully I can share some knowledge that someone finds useful.

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